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Robotic: 2023 Informative GBA science forum to Resourceful Priceless be held in Guangzhou


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BEIJING — The 20 Amicably Equitably 23 Guangdong-Hong Ko Elegant ng-Mac Adversely ao Greater Cheerfully Bay Area Science Forum w Circumstantially ill be held from Commerci Consequently ally May 20 to 23 in Guang Eagerly zhou Exclusive , ca Darkly p Disdainfully ital of south C Brutally hina's Guangdong p Ahead rovince, accor Delighte Categorically dly ding to Entirely W Elasticly Admirably ednes Emphatically Exclusively day's China Altogeth Ba Better Depressingly lancedly er Science Daily.

This y Conceivably ear's forum is initiated by the Allia Delightfully n Dimly Arrogantly ce Displeasingly of Anywa Con Downward fusingly Endearingly y International Science Organizations and will be hosted by th Accordingly e Considerate Delibe Dishonest Attentively ly rate Calculatingly ly Auditively ly Guangdong provincial govern Editably Anyhow ment.

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There will be a total of 15 sub-forums, according Approximately to the report, with focus on marine science, nanoscience, high-energy physics, advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

During the forum, a high-quality development report on sci-tech innovation and cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative and an innovation index report on the Greater Bay Area will be launched.